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For now, this page is like a sticky note for little useful tools that we find from here and there.



Microsoft WebMatrix: A new and free web development tool from Microsoft, with a lot of neat features for scripting and developing online apps.

Microsoft Security Essentials: A free and lightweight application that in my experience works better than any other anti virus/spyware software I've used so far.

7z_icon.png TCPMP Info_circle.png, a.k.a. The Core Pocket Media Player, is a open source collection of media players for PDAs and pocket organizers including Palm. TCPMP supports a rather large number of media files, and works quite perfectly. Unfortunately the project has been discontinued though...

zip_icon.png Pazera Free FLV to AVI Converter.zip‎ Info_circle.png is a light and small freeware application [no installation required] that does a surprisingly good job with the conversion.

ComicRack is without a doubt the world's best e-comic viewer. [Also check the Comix page.]

This is a useful little tool that installs MCT/MCO packages. Mainly used for installing Wink / Emoticon packages on Windows Live Messenger.
7z_icon.png MCT Installer Info_circle.png

Audacity is a pretty neat little audio file editing software that is open source and has a lot of nice options to play with. I use it A LOT.

I was looking for a working plugin to enable icon editing in Photoshop, and I finally found it. Here it is, free little life saver!
7z_icon.png Photoshop Icon Editing Plugin Info_circle.png

A-Patch is a tool that removes advertisements on messengers including WLM. Very helpful.


Feed2js is an extremely useful and easy to use online tool that allows quick creation of HTML display of an RSS feed using JS. I've used this tool to display feed content on some of the pages of this wiki, since it actually supports Atom too.

Seadragon from Micrsoft Livelabs is a tool for quickly turning any image into a zoomable image on the web, for easy viewing. [Relevant to that, would be this: MS's DeepZoomPix!]

jsFiddle definitely comes handy if you want to test sample code on the web.

Online ePub Converter can convert text files from various formats to ePub.

ClipConverter.cc :: This is an awesome tool for downloading YouTube downloads, and the awesome about it is that it can download the audio track separately.


Firefox Tweaks

Go to about:config

extensions.checkCompatibility => Set this boolean to "false", and Firefox will no longer check the add-on versions.

general.useragent.extra.firefox => Use this string to customize your Firefox agent string.

Create a new boolean named "extensions.checkUpdateSecurit", and set its value to false. This will disable the check for secure updates for an extension. [Useful for extension developers.]

Tweaks for FF beta can be found on |this article on my blog.


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