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A couple of attempts at visualizing online data on Sleepthief's music and similar artists. Sleepthief is one of my favorite musicians and Data Visualization is one of my current favorite research topics, so I did this for fun. ;) Main data source is Last.fm. See the Data Visualization page for more info. Comments / ideas =>Talk:SLEEPTHIEF/Visual or Talk:Data Visualization.

Artist Similarities

Simple experimental artist similarity map application [in C#]:
This is my result. I like it better than the Music-Map output. Also, I believe [based on a bit of comparing and analyzing!] that Music-Map uses Amazon as their data source, while I use Last.fm. Compare!


Last.fm Tools :: More than 50% similarity:



Hmmm. Ok don't look at this yet cause it's not very interesting the way it is now. What I really wanted was a timeline that would display album covers, but for the life of me, I can't find a Discography page for Sleepthief that happens to include a feed with images. Even iTunes isn't offering that. Isn't that strange? So if you do find such feed buzz me!