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Robots, robots and more robots....



Hubo is a pretty serious competitor for ASIMO I think. Very natural moves and control. More info here.

The cute and out of the blue PALRO humanoid robot. More videos and info here.

JVC's cute J4 robot is unfortunately never going to be mass produced, but it's very very cute. More information and videos can be found here and here.

Cool bunch of videos and info here about the cute NUVO humanoid.

Takeshi Maeda's OmniZero9, an interesting attempt at a transformer robot!

Navigation awesomeness. Related Blogpost. Also see the ASIMO page.

From my blog:

"Well well, it appears Honda’s ASIMO has a serious competitor! While ASIMO’s fastest running speed has been 6km/h so far, this new Toyota humanoid is running at 7km/h. Also as seen in this video, this robot can do a nice job re-balancing itself when pushed slightly. This new Toyota robot’s stunningly natural running really amazes me. however, while standing, the legs look all things but natural. ;) Which is why I still like ASIMO better. =)"

Wall Climbing Robots

StickyBot is a gecko like robot that can climb pretty polished surfaces using the tiny spikes of rubber on it's feet. More information here.

4 different wall climbing robots. 1st one is a magnetic climber, it can climb metallic surfaces. 2nd one leaves a trace of glue behind, like a snail. So the surface doesn't have to be metallic. 3rd one has sticky tapes around it's wheels. 4th one is a 4 legged climber that uses claws / hooks to climb rather rough surfaces.

Lego Robots

Pretty kool Sudoku puzzle solver, made entirely out of LEGO Mindstrom. This is somewhat similar to something I've been playing with recently... More information about how this robot ticks [including the recog software] can be found on this page. [See also: LEGO]

Insect Robots

The insect robot that can walk on water!