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The Monad.Reader Issue 13 :: The Typeclassopedia is an attempt to explain all of the leading typeclasses in Haskell in an elementary way, with monadic functors considered as only one form, best understood by comparison with others: e.g., the more general idea of a "Functor" as something you can map over; "Applicative" functors, and so forth; it contains an extensive bibliography of academic papers, blog posts and so forth. The same author has written:

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All issues of the Monad Reader

Monad Tutorials Timeline

Haskell Tutorial

Monads, Arrows, and Idioms by Philip Wadler

Haskell For All

Natural Language Processing for the Working Programmer

Program imperatively using Haskell lenses

Beautiful Concurrency :: A series of articles by Simon Peyton-Jones - on FP Complete School of Haskell

Introduction to Haskell :: University of Virginia CS 1501 Lectures Spring 2013

Free monads in category theory


Haskell.org :: The official Haskell homepage.

The Haskell Platform

Leksah IDE

Emacs For Haskell

The Glasgo Haskell Compiler :: This is already included in the Haskell Platform.

hackageDB :: HackageDB is a collection of released Haskell packages. Each package is in the Cabal format, a standard way of packaging Haskell source code that makes it easy to build and install. (HackageDB and Cabal are components of a broader Haskell infrastructure effort called Hackage.) These pages are a basic web interface to the Hackage package database.

Glasgow Parallel Haskell Papers :: This page is a collection of publications in the area of parallel functional programming written by the Glasgow Parallel Haskell group. The links below take you to abstracts, BibTeX, and PostScript for each paper. An out-of-date BibTeX bibliography for the papers up to 2000 is also available.

hArduino :: hArduino allows Haskell programs to control Arduino boards and peripherals, using the Firmata protocol.

Functional Systems in Haskell :: Meterial from a Stanford Haskell course.



These eBooks are mostly either have a free version or are free altogether.

Real World Haskell

Developing Web Applications with Haskell and Yesod

Learn You a Haskell for Great Good!

Parallel and Concurrent Programming in Haskell