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"F# is Microsoft's first functional programming language to be included as one of Visual Studio's official set of languages. F# is a succinct, efficient, expressive functional/object-oriented programming language under joint development by Microsoft Developer Division and Microsoft Research. During the course of Erik Meijer's fantastic lecture series on functional programming fundamentals several of you asked for examples of specific topics in F#. Well, we listened.

Dr. Don Syme is a principal researcher in MSR Cambridge. He has a rich history in programming language research, design, and implementation (C# generics being one of his most recognized implementations), and is the principle creator of F#. Who better to lecture on the topic than Don? This three part series will serve as an introduction to F#, including insights into the rationale behind the history and creation of Microsoft's newest language."

C9 Lectures: Dr. Don Syme - Introduction to F#, 1 of 3

C9 Lectures: Dr. Don Syme - Introduction to F#, 2 of 3

C9 Lectures: Dr. Don Syme - Introduction to F#, 3 of 3

Articles & Tutorials

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