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QuickSense™ Studio :: "The Silicon Labs QuickSense Studio software facilitates rapid product development and analysis for developers of user interface products. The easy to use graphical environment is comprised of multiple applications that guide developers through an intuitive development flow, including graphical configuration wizards, firmware templates and performance monitoring tools. These programs interface with the QuickSense Firmware API, a robust and highly configurable firmware library that provides support for many different applications, from simple buttons to complex algorithms like gesture recognition. "


pdf_icon.png How to Add Gesture Recognition to User Interfaces Info_circle.png

pdf_icon.png How to Design Capacitive Touch and Proximity Sensing Technology into Your Application Info_circle.png

pdf_icon.png Touchless Gesturing Brings New Innovation to Electronic Product Designs Info_circle.png


Maxim Resource Library :: "Maxim's Resource Library puts a wealth of design expertise at your fingertips. Solutions guides, application notes, tutorials, and design tools are available to help you overcome common design challenges, learn about emerging market trends, or simply hone your competitive edge. Discover for yourself why Maxim is the first source for innovative designers everywhere."

Pyroelectro is a collection of simple DYI tutorials for electronics enthusiast.

How to read a data sheet

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