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Hi There, this is Aasemoon [a.k.a. Ahoo Pirsoleimani], the Sysop for the Verse wiki. All information about me can be found on Aasemoon.com, mainly on the "About" page. =) I will however add some info here in time... for now:

I'm a student of Electrical Engineering, Robotics option, and most of my work and research is done in this field. I have degrees in programming and web-development that are my other major fields of interest, as well as what I do as a job these days. I also work as translator, and if I have any time left I sometimes work as teaching assistant or tutor. Few more random facts would be.... I speak 6.5 human languages, and a ridiculous number of machine ones [and I can even sing in C++ as aMUSiC would say! =)]. I enjoy fencing, specially in the rare occasions when I don't end up bruising something while practicing. =) I breathe music, eat books and drink demos. I'm a mix of Persian & Welsh, and I currently live in between Canada and Switzerland. Winner of a few engineering /robotics design competitions and some other shiny things, as well as a few graphic design competitions in the far past, I'm neither quite a "left brained" nor a complete "right brained". I love chocolate and hate coffee. I create things with pens on papers, it's not drawing, it's... something!


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