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Andromeda Software Development a.k.a. ASD, my favorite demogorup, from Greece. =)

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Metamorphosis27 March 2008
2nd place at Breakpoint 2008

Zine #13 headlines27 March 2008
headlines for zine13 by brainstorm and bitfellas

Amusic and Leviathan on the music of Lifeforce9 September 2007
Lifeforce’s soundtrack began pretty late in the creative process. This time we wanted to have more than just an idea of what the visuals were going to look like. When we saw the magnitude of the scenes it was clear that we had to go in [...]

Navis on Lifeforce9 September 2007
With Lifeforce we wanted to make a demo that has a progression and a cyclic narrative. It starts where Iconoclast, our Assembly 2005 demo, ended: we enter into the mind of the creator / avatar / muse (a small reference to Homer here) and descend into the beginning of the journey [...]

Lifeforce9 September 2007
Winner of the Assembly 2007 demo competition